Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I've been reading - "The Wingfeather Saga" by Andrew Peterson

Over the summer I spent much of my reading time lost in Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather saga. This four book series is a great allegory in the vein of Narnia and Middle Earth. The target audience is the youth / young adult market making it an easy read and easy to get lost in. The characters are deep and likeable. I found myself rooting for them to get through and rejoices as they each developed and learned more about themselves and what was truly important. Throughout the series we see the themes of the struggle between good and evil, redemption, sacrifice and the danger of giving in to the lies of being who you think you want to be rather than who you were meant to be. I believe it is important to read widely and to get lost in a good story on a regular basis and this series sure fit the bill. 

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