Monday, September 15, 2014

What I've been reading - "Work Matters" by Paul Stevens

I am a big proponent of the importance of doing and understanding a good Biblical Theology, meaning, the overall metanarrative of scripture and orienting our own worldview to an alignment with our place within God's story. The Bible gives us many subplots in its pages that are but a part of the grand narrative and it is within these subplots we learn first about God but also see examples of how to live within God's story. In "Work Matters" Stevens takes us through scripture looking at the multitude of examples of people working and how each kind of work has value for faith and life. For most people work is a necessary part of everyday life and for too many work is seen as a distraction or necessary evil taking them away from important spiritual pursuits. As Stevens walks us through character after character he shows how the work they did were truly spiritual pursuits. I think one of my favorite chapters was the one on Ruth where he show the godliness of even subsistence work of barely scaping out a living but faithfully provided for your family. Overall I've found this to be a great look at work and faith and doing you work, whatever it is, to the glory of God. 

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