Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lego Winter Village 2017

This year as we are in a larger home we had the ability to build our Winter Village more that twice the size it was last year!

First the crew had to work hard to lay the track.

The crew worked very hard to get it just right.

After the track was laid, the new station began to take shape.

Some finishing touches and the station was looking good.

It even had a nicely equipped coffee shop

Post the schedule

and hand the station off to the station master

Next up, what is this??

Careful with the tile work...

and the masonry.

Up go the walls

and the door

Meanwhile, the crew got going on another building

but the bakery was done first

Then the carousel went in

What is this but a whole trainload of more pieces!

Check out all those tiles!

The village really started to take shape!

Bakery is ready for business!

As is the Post Office (complete with its official Canada Post sign)

the Toy Shop is go to go as well!

An aerial shot with most of the major work done

Of course the big guy needed his place

but if you are on his naughty list, look out because he has a bin of coal!

Of course there are cats ready to pounce

and other critters for your viewing delight.

Be sure to grab some hot coco

and check the presents under the tree

Marshmallows over the fire

and a train load of toys!

The highlight of the village though is Santa's workshop on top of the mountain!

Climb the stairs if you dare...

but watch for what lurks below...

If you're adventurous there is a more challenging route

of course you could also throw snowballs at your sister...

The back of the train station needed a little work on the back.

The wide shot of the finished village

Santa's workshop!

Santa has caught the eye of the officer with the radar gun!

Not sure this is where our little adventurer meant to end up

Fresh pies from the bakery!

A new danger lurks below the mountain.

Our local hunters....

Finally, the tree is getting pretty crowed with all those presents!

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