Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Road to Becoming - Jenny Simmons

I received this book not knowing the author was also one of my favorite musicians. Simmons, as the lead singer of the group Addison Road has written and performed some very deep and moving songs. This book however is about how it all came undone, how it all fell apart, how a dream died and the road to coming out the other side. Too often we only see the success of those in the limelight. We hear a great song on the radio but we don't know about the year living across the street from a pimp, the endless weeks on the road, the baby's first Christmas in a Motel 6, the call that nearly everything you own is literally being scraped off the interstate because your RV blew up and burned so hot he highway patrol needed special equipment to separate the remains from the road. We don't hear about the hard times, we are left thinking those who have made it have had an easy road. Simmons' openness and honestly about the journey through success, and then having to let go and let the dream die is one of encouragement and hope.

As one who has had to watch a dream die and walk the road of unknowing and waiting to see where things will land I found this to be an incredibly encouraging read. The road to becoming who and what God is calling us to be will often not be an easy on, nor will the route be nicely mapped out for us to see but we must learn to follow where it leads and trust the One who is leading us. 

If you need hope for your journey, if you feel like your dream has died, if you are just setting out on the road towards your dream, this is a read reminder that the road way not go where we think but if we trust God for the destination and that He will carry us through every chapter of it. 

(I received this book from Baker Books in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own)

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